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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Promising start for Demechine with RTM

May 11, Bucharest, Romania – Sergei Demekhine came out as a confident winner of the F2 Futures event, dropping just two sets starting from day 1 of qualifying. Segei will look to boost his rating ascend further by producing more wins in the Romanian futures marathon, as he takes part in F3 Pitesti event.

Lera’s road to Jr. Roland Garros

Lera Solovieva is about to kick off her European season with a prestigious Grade A Bonofiglio ITF tournament in Milano. Having spent a few weeks home in Russia, she is currently practicing hard and looking to build on her success with the recent tournaments. After Milano she will travel to Belgium to take part in Grade 1 Astrid Bowl ITF. Finally, on June 1 Lera will set her sight on the Jr. French Open title and we all know she can do it. Good luck Lera!